Getting familiar with Bizioner

The log in screen lets you create a new account or log into an existing account. You can also recover your password by tapping Log In and then Forgot Password?

Keep in mind that when logging into an existing account you must use your email and password for the account.

Home shows a grid feed of all photos and reviews posted by you and all other Bizioners in your country. You can click on each post to view more details or like and comment the post.

You can also filter the posts by business category or country.

Search & post

In Bizioner you can post photos, reviews and check-ins but only when you are located in a business profile.

You can use the search tab to find a specific business profile.

Activity displays likes and comments on your own posts, and lets you see the photos and reviews that your friends are liking and commenting on. You can access your private messages also from activity tab.