All of us have a touch with at least a business in our daily life; this could be our university or child school, cold store, restaurant, our family doctor or a coffee shop.
Mostly we like to talk about them with our friends and family or recommend a restaurant when somebody asks for the best local food.

Bizioner born to give a free, fun and easy way to talk about our good or bad business experiences in our daily life and find great friends matching our life style.

Bizioner encourages users to tell about their good experience with great businesses, but still you are free to give a business rating 1 out of the 5 and talk about the reason.

Both businesses and individuals can benefit from Bizioner.

In Bizioner business profiles will grow by growing the user profiles.

Businesses can use the best marketing way, which is word of mouth, and individuals can have better options to choose a specific service in their area.

In Bizioner claimed business profiles can track their most loyal customers, post reply to a review to attract a potential customer or get a statistic of their profile views.

Individuals or normal users can use the Bizioner website or Bizioner mobile applications to create their account and interact with other users.
Business owners can claim and login to their account using Bizioner website.

Bizioner is designed and developed by Semantic Technology an information technology company based in Bahrain.

Bizioner iphone and mobile application and Bizioner website is available for free.
Users and business owners can create account and use Bizioner with no charge ($0).