Shoe Stores
This is a great place if you need comfortable, light and washable shoes suitable for a long time walking. Last summer I bought a "Woz" shoes from them for my traveling and didn't think it's that much comfortable. I never became tired by them even if all the day was walking.

It gives you a feeling like you are walking on air lol if you try them I'm sure you will have the same feeling. I had some other shoes with me but never could use them specially for walking in mountains or rivers.

Yesterday I bought same also as a gift for my dear mother because she will travel next week and I'm sure she will pray for me whenever she walk a long way with these shoes. In the shop you can find different colors of them and the price is 23BD, but I see in some shopping websites provide same around 15$. Except the price if I want to mention any negative points I can say about its plastic strings which need to be tied up more than once during 5 hours walking.