Big Smoke Burger

American, Burgers
Order :
- Poutine
- Crafted Burger
- Big Smoke Burger
My Verdict :
I got a waft of Big Smoke's "big smoke" when I walked through the door. After wrapping my hands around the huge sandwich, it was a signature burger that was topped with sautéed mushrooms and roasted garlic mayo. I took my first bite and my taste buds were taken for a ride. The soft, juicy beef placed in the centre of the burger was grilled to perfection and just the way I liked it and nice blend of garlic-meets-BBQ. Also I tried the Big Smoke Burger and I loved it, I'll be dreaming about those caramelized onions that I am pretty sure they were made with honey and balsamic. The Poutine will breaks your fries routine, they were quite tasty, hand cut, fresh, and made right in front of you. The tenderness of the fresh fries down to the chewy cheese and textured gravy were much needed in addition to the burger. Plus the staff was very friendly.