Decorating Memories

Cafe, Desserts, Sandwiches
They are in tubli. Most of the times i was passing by the area and noticed that it is always crowded. Even when the weather was ok, outdoor sitting area was full.
After i heard about the chocolate ball, I tried many times to get reservation by call but couldn't because of no free table and many on waiting list.

Finally tonight me & sis could reach the place
Like others we ordered a sizzling Chocolat & a chocolate ball with tea.
Each 3.5 Bd & tea 1. Bd

About the taste didn't like sizzling but chocolate ball was ok.

The indoor sitting area is too small but seems they have plan to expand.

Actually the idea itself in both was great.
Also liked the system of ordering. The waiter was sending the order directly through a mobile app to the kitchen.

For choosing the topping or base of chocolate ball they have a form which you can put check marks infront of your choices.

Overall serving the dessert was more attractive than the taste of the dessert for me.
I noticed that mostly kids like to melt the chocolate ball while parents are recording a video
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