The Orangery

Cafe, Breakfast
My Verdict :
This is my first visit to Orengary and sure won't be the last. The Orangery is a beautiful café with gorgeous decor and the finishing of the place is very great with all the plants surrounding, the ambience and seating are lovely also the food options are remarkable. I loved the Turkish eggs, hailing from the historical pages of Istanbul's Ottoman influence, a fantastic mix of thick Greek yoghurt, warm spiced butter, and golden yolked poached eggs is perfect for dunking the heady sour-dough toast, but nevertheless this gourmet fusion of Turkish dish awakes all the right senses for a tasty brunch. The croissant egg sandwich was amazingly fresh, the eggs were cooked just the way I like it, even the side potatoes and salad were delicious and well seasoned. All in all I loved the food and the place, definitely one of the best places in Bahrain for having a nice brunch.